Murray River Pet Food
Murray River Pet Food


We are an Australian pet food producer based in the pristine Murray Region of Howlong, NSW.

100% Australian owned and independent

We are part of Staughton Group, Australia’s premier producer of pet food and ingredients.

Australian agriculture has been in our blood for generations, and we’re proud to remain family owned and operated

Sustainably driven

Our solar-powered air dryers are the largest in the southern hemisphere, using energy from the sun to preserve ingredient quality and nutrition.

The nutrient-rich wastewater from our plant is recycled to irrigate our paddocks.

We believe in the nutritional power of a natural diet

Our ingredients are treated with the respect they deserve, by minimising waste and maximising nutrition.

Our pet food

Open Paddock pet food

A more open pet
food company with
traceable ingredients.

Available in
Woolworths stores
around the country

Balanced Life pet food

Air-dried, premium
pet food and
natural treats.

Available in pet
stores across
Australia and USA

Vet's All Natural pet food

Vet formulated
nutrition for
raw feeders.

Available in pet
stores and vet clinics
across Australia

Aussie pet health

A delicious range
of natural chews
and treats.

Available online
only,  direct to
your door

Healthy Pet Treat Co.

A delicious range
of natural chews
and treats.

Available in
The Reject Shop
around the country

Say g'day

We would like to acknowledge the Wiradjuri people as the traditional custodians of the land we work upon, and we pay our respects to the Elders both past, present, and future, for they hold the memories, culture, tradition, and hopes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people that contribute to our community.

Murray River Pet Food

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